Learn to heal and

re-parent inner past traumas to help release and embrace your true authentic self

with Mandy Jane Lynch

MSc Counselling, Dip.Cln (Hyp),  MBACP, GHQR



Counselling/Therapy is a process that requires sharing your internal world and carrying out an emotional dig that can take lots of hope and courage.  It is so important to feel safe with the person to whom you can open up to, therefore it is important for you to know who I am, how I can help you, so that you can consider building trust and rapport with me during your inner journey work.  


My name is Mandy Jane, I am a fully qualified and Registered Integrative Counsellor / Clinical Hypnotherapist and I offer you my authentic self with my warm and nurturing nature. I am Your Therapy Godmother.  I will offer you a safe space / environment / counselling/therapy room that can help you to build that rapport with me, to feel you are really being listened to and validated.  I will provide you with complete respect in consideration to what has happened to you in your life to date. 

Together with my support, we can work together to help you gain greater conscious awareness of patterns in your life that may be influencing the way you relate to yourself and others in present times. We can facilitate healing and resolve traumas from the past by finding and working with your wounded and hidden inner child and help you to reconnect all your parts within you to become your true, authentic self.  Working with different parts within you I will help you to re-parent and heal yourself, by bringing mine and your own insights and skills together for us to work with your experiences as I believe that you are the expert of your own life.   

I offer you all the skills I have learned from life experiences, my training as an integrative counsellor/therapist, a clinical hypnotherapist with EMDR, within my role as a health care support worker within the NHS Psychiatric Liaison Team and through my volunteering roles as a Bereavement Counsellor with Cruse Bereavement, a Sessional Counsellor with the Primary Care Mental Health Counselling Service (PCMHCS), a Talking Therapist with Advance Brighter Futures (ABF) and providing emotional support within the ICAN team.  I have an extensive toolbox using therapies, approaches and others such as:

Person Centred Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Gestallt Therapy
Inner Child Therapy
Internal Family Systems (IFS) / Parts Therapy
Matrix Reimprinting
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Clinical Hypnotherapy
E.M.D.R. with Hypnosis
Re-parenting Childhood Traumas

Mental Health First Aider

Working Creatively in the Counselling Room

Being experienced in these theories and approaches and having an extensive toolbox of techniques available allows me to tailor my skills to you as a unique individual.  We can work together to start noticing how you work in the here and now and to process your thoughts and feelings to help release and embrace your new future.

Our Counselling / Therapy Room:


  • A therapeutic room that offers confidentiality and safety for your story to be heard for the first time with respect and individuality.
  • I will help you to understand "Why this is happening to me?", "What has occurred in my world to cause this challenge?" and to make that choice of "Do I decide to face it and learn to deal with it?" or "Do I find a way to just close the door and walk away?" 
  • To hear your hopes and understand your concerns about the work you are about to start to do in counselling and hypnotherapy. 
  • To provide you with professional support as the counselling journey you undertake may be challenging but it can be moving and empowering.
  • My practice is very much client led, you are the expert of your own life and world and we will go on a journey together that will be unique to you.
  • It is your choice to what extent you would like to talk about what has happened to you and I offer you the choice to have content free hypnotherapy which means that we communicate directly with your subconscious who knows what has happened to you and information does not have to be disclosed to myself as your therapist.

  • I offer 1-hour therapy/counselling sessions face-to-face, online or on the telephone at £40.00 per session.
  • I offer short-term and long-term therapy/counselling sessions.
  • I offer up to 2 hours of hypnotherapy or EMDR sessions face-to-face or online for £80.00 per session.
  • I offer a free 20-minute introductory telephone call so that you can consider whether you would like to pursue counselling or hypnotherapy with me and provides time to look at how we might work together.
  • The length of the therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy and EMDR work can be discussed on an individual basis and can be regularly reviewed to be the most beneficial to you.
  • I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and National Counselling Society (NCS) in regard to Therapy / Counselling and I follow all of their ethical guidelines and frameworks.
  • I am a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)  in regard to Clinical Hypnotherapy and I follow all of their ethical guidelines and frameworks. 

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